On My Way!

Completed my Skills Qualification Test today! I have to hustle back to Phoenix and take my CDL test tomorrow at the USTDS yard there.

SQT is a skills test. It covers everything that is covered by a state CDL test as well as SNI specific policies. It is the determining factor in whether or not you get a truck and are released to the “90 Day Board.”

Now that I’ve passed the test, if I pass my CDL test, I will be assigned a truck and handed off to the “90 day” board. SNI does not have “dispatchers”, they have Service Team Leaders (STLs). Each STL is assigned 2-4 “boards” of drivers to support. A “Board” is nothing more than a fancy way of saying group. Drivers in a certain region, or meeting certain criteria are placed on the same board and handled by one assigned STL. Your STL is your liaison with the rest of the organization. They assist you in any problems or situations that arise while you are assigned to them.


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