Vegas, Baby

Looking at Buffalo Bill’s Hotel & Casino at Primm, NV.

Ok, now I remember why I stopped driving long-haul. I left for Vegas on the 27th about 17:00. Drove up, unloaded and made it back to Kingman before I took my break. Left Kingman yesterday about noon and drove back to Phoenix, reloaded and headed for Primm, NV (CA/NV state line on I-15) with a load for Chevron. Made it to Primm, unloaded and couldn’t get the brakes to release on one axle!

I ended up overnighting at one of the hotels in Primm. Road repair came out in the morning and adjusted the brakes on the truck and trailer. They were all 1/4 turn too tight, and the suspect axle was almost 1/2 turn over-adjusted. Made it back to Phoenix about 18:30 and I’m going to crash.


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