Spring Update

Wow, time sure flies by. Since my Halls Crossing post, back at the first of December, I’ve been to Texas once (3 stop trip) as well as multiple trips to UT, NV, & CA. I have terabytes of video footage, but my computer is so old that it doesn’t really like to compile the footage into postable videos unless I give it several hours (days) to think about each one.

I’ve transitioned from a day cab to a sleeper truck, and primarily haul AvGas 100 Low Lead fuel, with the occasional jet fuel load. I will attempt to link to some pictures and will post video links as I get them finished and uploaded.


Yesterday (2/18/22) I love my job! And my dusty truck. This morning in NE AZ. #NoCellSvc #truckdriver #tankeryanker #TruckingLife #wtl

♬ original sound – David French
A quick tour around my truck.

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