About David

David was found under a cactus in the desert of Arizona, by a group of immigrants coming up from Mexico. They estimated that he was 10 years old when they found him. This was 1896. Ever since then he has had a fondness for Mexican Food, Mexican Women, and Tequila.

David has mastered the Vulcan Mind Meld, as well as the Vulcan nerve pinch. He has made the Kessel Run, but in 14 parsecs, and has piloted a Colonial Viper against Cylon Raiders. He has actually been through the wardrobe, and has caught a train from Platform 9 3/4 at Kings Cross Station. He is working on mastering walking on water, but finds it hard to do, because Arizona doesn’t get cold enough for the lakes to freeze over consistently.

David once found the Lost Dutchman mine, but forgot to write down the directions. Tequila does that to you.

He taught John Wayne how to ride a horse. He lead the expedition that introduced John Ford to Monument Valley, and the world to John Ford western movies. David taught Clint Eastwood how to squint, and performed as Eli Wallach’s stunt double in “The Good, the Bad & The Ugly.”

David also has a very vivid imagination.

Actually, David is a licensed Amateur Radio operator with a background in Emergency Communications and Disaster Response.

He has been a truck driver and truck dispatcher. He currently works in the banking industry. For fun, he is FEMA qualified/trained as a Public Information Officer (PIO) and works as a Volunteer PIO for a local law enforcement agency.

When he is not working, he likes to read and spend time with his wife and two adult sons.

David is a casual Baseball fan. To maintain domestic harmony, he roots for the Los Angeles Dodgers (his wife’s favorite team). Of course, because he is a red blooded (redneck?)American male, he will watch NASCAR if he is in an area where it is being displayed. Do NOT expect him to blog about sports.


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