Counting Down

Well, my last day at my current cubical farm job is May 14. I start training at the new company on the 15th. Should be interesting.

Yesterday I went to the Kinder Morgan class in Phoenix so that I could get “carded” at KM Phoenix. Now I just need to load three times with a trainer so that I know what I’m doing and then they will issue me a loading card.

It’s getting closer!


Tested Times Four

Yesterday morning started with a visit to the MVD office in Casa Grande so that both of my boys could get their learners permits. After that, I had to take four tests myself.

  1. Drug Test – Waiting for the results, but sure I passed.
  2. CDL Skills Test – Pre-Trip and Backing Skills – Passed
  3. CDL Road Test – Passed
  4. HazMat Endorsement – I could not take this until the background check was completed and I had received my CDL license. You can’t get the HazMat endorsement on a permit. – Passed

So, four down. Once the company gets the drug test results back, hopefully they offer me a position and I can start driving again. I am getting excited now!

The start of something new…hopefully.

Well, this afternoon I have an appointment set for my CDL Road Skills test out at the Goodyear MVD office. I’ve spent a few hours driving in circles and practicing my backing and shifting, so hopefully I remember enough to make it through this successfully.

My biggest concern is forgetting to point out something on the Pre-Trip.

And then when I pass that, I get to take my HazMat endorsement test. My fingerprint clearance has already come back from DHS.

Back behind the wheel?

Well, it had to happen. I had given up my Commercial Drivers License (CDL) back in 2015 because I did not think I would drive commercially again. I was a dispatcher for the company, and did not want to go through the hassle of renewal, etc. if I was not going to use it.

Fast Forward to 2021. I am tired of working in a call center and looking at going back to what I was good at. I am going to go back to driving. So, the first thing was to get a DOT Medical Exam completed and then apply for my CDL Permit (Taking multiple written tests). With those two hurdles behind me, now I need to start practicing for my Driving/Skills Tests. Once I pass those tests (in the presence of a MVD Inspector) I will get my CDL back and I can start driving again.

My plan is to stay local in the AZ area, hauling tankers. I’ll let you know how it goes.

More Testing

Yesterday morning I went to get the physical taken care of. In the afternoon I went over to the MVD office and took my tanker endorsement test. 

Unfortunately I also had to retake my HazMat test so I could start my TSA clearance proceedings and keep my HazMat while proving that I am not a threatening evil terrorist type personage.

Today I stopped by an office in downtown Phoenix and had my fingerprints collected. I had to fill out an online form last night and pay $94 for the background check. 

Job Hunt Week 4 – Thursday

Ok, I’m now ready to go. I’m traveling on Greyhound from here to San Bernardino, and I will actually be training with US Truck Driving School, rather than a SNI school. But that’s OK. They all teach the same stuff. I just have to start packing. The packet that SNI mailed back on the 17th never did get here.

I’m off to the bus station this weekend for the trip to SoCal and my new job!