Job Hunt Week 4 – Monday

This morning I went down to the DMV and passed my CDL written tests. I missed two on the General Knowledge section, missed one on the Air Brakes, aced the Combination stuff and missed three on the HazMat. Cool. When I came home I faxed a copy of my permit to SNI in Green Bay. I then called Dawn and she looked everything over and then told me that it looked good. I am so excited! She gave me the information for training, but said to call back on Thursday afternoon or Friday to get the travel information.


Job Hunt Week 2 – Friday

Called my SNI processor today. She went over my application info once again and is going to start on my driver history, criminal history and employment history. She also has sent me the paperwork and booklets to get started. I’m waiting for the mail now.

Everything has to be signed and on her desk on the 23rd. I’m supposed to call her back then and she will schedule me for the DOT Physical and drug screen. I’m getting nervous about everything working out good. It’s getting closer to reality for me now!!!

Job Hunt Week 2 – Thursday

Well, I’ve completed my interview with the Schneider recruiter. As of now I am tentatively a Pumpkin Head. I’ve been enrolled in the Feb 3 training class, pending approval of my paperwork and background information. I hope they have more luck with my employer information than CRE apparently is having. I’m supposed to call in tomorrow to find our more. I’ve written CRE off. If they ever call back, they can pound sand.