All Clear

Received the “All Clear” call today. Everything came back ok and I’m all set to start on December 29th.

I am scheduled to travel to Sacramento the second week of January for classroom training. I’ll update as I can.

Thank you Schneider for your training and job experience. It was definitely an experience.


Major Trouble

View from the warehouse. How are we supposed to unload this thing?

When you open the loading dock door and see this, you know it’s going to be a bad day. Cartage driver had a major problem with backing a rail trailer into the dock. 

On Nov 8, 2005, a cartage driver brought in a trailer from the rail yard. He was advised to drop it in Door 24. The Manager heard a crash and went to investigate. She called me and when I got there, this is what I discovered:

While attempting to spot the trailer in the door, he had brushed against the retaining wall on the right, and then straightened up and backed into the trailer on the left, at about a 30 degree angle.

He hit the fully loaded trailer in Door 23 hard enough to push it sideways enough to buckle the landing gear. This trailer then rolled over into a loaded Swift trailer in Door 22.

The Clipper trailer hit the Swift trailer with enough force to bend the cross-brace on the landing gear and put a substantial dent in the wall of the trailer itself.

All three trailers were loaded with about 42,000lbs of product each. At the time of the accident, there was a empty Swift trailer in Door 21, too.

Once the tow driver lifted the Clipper trailer enough for me to be able to remove the Swift trailer, we noted that there was only paint scrapes on the side of the trailer. Thank goodness for Wabash toughness in their trailers!

When I left at the end of my shift, they were waiting for someone to show up with shoring blocks and bracing so that the trailer could be set upright and unloaded.

Here are some of the pictures I took. 

Long Time, No Post

Went to the International Truck Show yesterday, over in Anaheim. We drove over after work on Friday and stayed for the weekend. I saw some interesting displays and picked up a LOT of literature. I also picked up a couple of job applications for companies with terminals in the Phoenix area. 

Make Sure Pins are Locked

McKelvey driver picked up a trailer and drove out the gate without checking to make sure the tandem slider was locked in position. He didn’t get very far before he slammed the tandems into the rear stops on the frame. The driver tried to blame it on me…saying that I must have damaged it by backing into the dock too hard. The pictures changed their tune real quick…once they saw the type of damage.

Oh Swift.

Swift came in this afternoon and pulled a trailer out of one of our docks. Without checking with the Shipping office. We had just finished unloading the trailer about 10 minutes prior when we noticed it go sailing by and out the gates. When I left, the facility supervisor was on the phone with Swift Safety and Security giving them the “what for.” Dangerous game to play. Idiot driver. Because of him we’re going to start putting kingpin locks on all trailers.

Survived month end just fine. Sitting down tonight to post some pictures from this week.

USX Embarassed

Found a USX trainee who had high-center his tractor on my curb today. We took pictures and made sure that a lot of others drivers saw him sitting there. Embarrassing for both the trainee and his trainer. Oops. Check out the pictures below

Knee surgery is scheduled for March 7th. Not sure if I’ll take vacation that week or have to go back on Workers Comp and lose my quarterly bonus.

Another End of Month is upon me. Long day today and an even longer one on Monday. 0500 start on Monday.