Bad News! On the 3rd, I fell off a powered pallet jack and broke my left leg. I spent a few days in the hospital and had some significant surgery on my left leg. It’s totally hammered just below the knee. Oh the pain! The doctor says it will take 6 months to heal up, and maybe longer.

And no, I’m not showing the X-Ray images.


Assigned a route!

I’m on my own route now. It’s a lot of in-town store deliveries and one trip to Flagstaff.┬áNo more Utility driver shuttling trailers around town or filling in for vacationing drivers. I’m driving an International now.

I just wish the warehouse would load the product better so that it doesn’t fall over in the trailer the minute they roll the door down and seal it closed.

Teaming It Up

Just came home from a week teaming with another driver. His co-driver went on vacation and I filled in for her. We made three runs to Clearfield, UT and two runs to Commerce, CA in 5 1/2 days.

Whew. It’s definitely fall up in Utah. The trees are turning pretty colors and the leaves are starting to drop. Soon there will be snow, and I am not looking forward to it at all.

Day One on the CSK account!

Surprise! So, here’s the back story. Last week I called the Training Engineer I trained with and he suggested I call the STL on the account he runs on. I did and today is my first day as a Dedicated Account driver.

No more running from state to state. I am based in Phoenix and will run local with the occasional trip out of the area.

I am a Utility Driver. I shuttle trailers around town between the different distribution warehouses, and cover for route drivers when they go on vacation. There are 3 utility drivers.

The account is CSK Auto, Inc. We deliver auto parts to the Checker, Schucks & Kragen Auto Parts stores in the southwestern US area.

CSK drivers use white trucks. What a shock from comfortable orange pumpkins. I’m now driving albino pumpkins.

Last Western Region Trip!

One last trip to Fontana before I go onto the CSK account! Running a load out to Commerce and then picking up a return from Proctor and Gamble in Oxnard, headed back to the Valley of the Sun.

Goodbye Western Region!!! Hello Phoenix Dedicated and being home almost every night! Western Region was a great area to learn how to be an OTR driver. But, I won’t miss the CA driving.