I’m Outta Here!

Thanks to the fact that Christmas falls on Saturday this year, we get Christmas Eve off work. My week-long vacation starts early today! Don’t have to be back until the 3rd of January! 

Rich, from CSK, is filling in for me while I’m gone.



When you drag the back of your trailer across the tractor in the door next to you, bad things happen to your wheels. This trailer tire hit the truck next-door.

A US Express I/C driver tried to  back into a door and couldn’t do it.  After a couple of attempts, she pulled out in frustration, turned too sharp and caught her trailer tire on the front of the truck beside her. 

She also sideswiped the trailer in the door on the other side of her.

Pictures below:

Day One at RB

Yard Goat #13997, assigned to Reckitt Benckiser…and me!

An ORANGE Truck! Thank you Lord! Starting training/familiarization at Reckitt Benckiser. I’ll be here for a week with the current yard hostler and then will start on my own next Monday. Friday is his last day.Anyone who has hauled out of Phoenix sometime during 2002-2003 will probably have memories of Reckitt Benckiser in Tolleson.

Reckitt Benckiser (Wreck-It Ben-Keezer) is the parent company of AirWick, Lysol, Resolve, French’s (Foods) and a couple of others. They are famous for their 40,000lbs+ loads going to central California and the Pacific Northwest. I don’t know a pumpkin driver who didn’t loath a load out of there on a Monday afternoon, or any other time for that matter.

Due to changes and competition, SNI is no longer the primary carrier for RB. RB loads are brokered to the lowest bidding carrier. Usually it’s McKelvey, US Express, O&S Trucking or Werner. Occasionally a pumpkin will come around. Starting next week, I will be the ONLY SNI driver on the RB account.  Whew, such responsibility.