All Done with System!

Turned in my truck at the Phoenix Drop Lot yesterday. Starting tomorrow I am going on the CSK Dedicated account here in Phoenix. System was an interesting learning experience, but I won’t miss those California speed limits. The only problem? CSK uses white trucks. How am I going to adapt?


Last Western Region Trip!

One last trip to Fontana before I go onto the CSK account! Running a load out to Commerce and then picking up a return from Proctor and Gamble in Oxnard, headed back to the Valley of the Sun.

Goodbye Western Region!!! Hello Phoenix Dedicated and being home almost every night! Western Region was a great area to learn how to be an OTR driver. But, I won’t miss the CA driving.

Home Again!

I can’t believe I’m actually home. I’ve been on the road since July 15th and finally arrived back home yesterday. Other than a three day trip to Utah and back, all of that time has been spent in California, Oregon and Washington.

These three states have split speed limits. It is exactly what it sounds like. One speed limit for cars and one for trucks. Scary to try and get around in traffic when the cars are flying by you at 20+mph above what you can legally do.

I’ve been totally overloaded with California politics over the last 4 weeks. I don’t care who wins the recall election, as long as it stops being THE NEWS ITEM OF THE CENTURY! soon.

Oregon Again

I’m sitting on Willamette Pass, in Oregon. On this trip, I stopped at the Willamette Pass Ski Area.  They run their ski lift year around.  I took the gondola to the top of the lift, and then made the mistake of hiking my way back down to the main lodge, and my truck. That’s a LONG hike at high altitude.  Whew.  I was exhausted by the time I made it back down.

Sac to Reno

Looking out on Donner Lake, EB along I-80 in CA.

Wow, what a strange trip. I dropped my load in Sacramento and then bob-tailed to Reno to pick up an empty trailer and take it down to Stockton to the rail yard.

And then pick up a trailer there and bring it up to Campbell’s soup in Sacramento for a load going to Salt Lake City.

Boy, going over Donner Pass is a breeze when you’re empty!