June Almost Gone

I know it’s been a long time since I posted much to my journal. Here’s a couple more new pictures. Hope you enjoy them! 


Not So Swift

Oops. MAKE SURE YOU VISUALLY INSPECT YOUR COUPLING TO MAKE SURE LOCKING JAWS ARE ENGAGED! Swift Driver forgot to visually verify (he says otherwise). He dropped his trailer in the middle of the yard, just out of his door. 

USX Embarassed

Found a USX trainee who had high-center his tractor on my curb today. We took pictures and made sure that a lot of others drivers saw him sitting there. Embarrassing for both the trainee and his trainer. Oops. Check out the pictures below

Knee surgery is scheduled for March 7th. Not sure if I’ll take vacation that week or have to go back on Workers Comp and lose my quarterly bonus.

Another End of Month is upon me. Long day today and an even longer one on Monday. 0500 start on Monday.

Busy Time

Inbounds waiting for the receiving office to open at 07:00.

Oh my goodness, my first “End of Month rush.” Wow. 

11 hours of humping trailers around the yard isn’t fun. That yard gets real small when there are 5 trucks waiting for doors to be “live loaded” as well as drivers picking up pre-loaded trailers trying to leave.

It’s now the second, and they just keep coming!

Note to self: Check Job Description to see if “Traffic Cop” is listed.