Surgery Again?

Bad News. I had to go in for a follow-up exam with my orthopedic surgeon. On my one-year checkup, back in December, the doctor found an “anomaly” on my leg x-ray. He sent me for a CT scan and today was my appointment to go over the results. I have a couple of bone fragments floating around in my knee. I’ll have to go in for arthroscopic surgery to clean it up. Not good news! 


3 Month Checkup

Well, I go in for my 3 month doctor’s visit in a couple of weeks. Hopefully I can get the brace off my leg soon and start back to work in the office, or something! I’m getting weak and dim-witted (more so than normal) sitting at home.

They’re probably going to have to retrain me on how to drive a truck, or something. It’s been forever since I’ve even looked at a SNI/CSK truck up close. I miss my truck!